Sinline World Cup Plate

The plate is designed for riders who like to get aggressive in the turns and World Cup racers.

Sinline World Cup plate is designed from one piece of aluminium, making it torsionally stiffer for maximum grip. The plate also incorporates rubber elements between the plate and the board to offer even more damping of vibrations and increased stability at higher speeds. Compared to the Sinline Original plate, it utilizes 8 additional connections via steel springs with the board in the middle. This spring setup stabilizes the board faster during high-speed chatter, however, it requires a stronger rider to fully benefit from this plate. The plate is aimed at World Cup professional racers and carvers who enjoy riding aggressively and pushing the limits of carving turns.

Technical Data

AGS/wide version

Recommended rider weight:
Soft: 70kg or less
Medium: 70-85kg
Hard: 85kg or more

ASL/narrow version

Recommended rider weight:
Soft: 60kg or less
Medium: 60-75kg
Hard: 75kg or more

Additional Information:

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