Sinline Original Plate

When developing this plate the goal was to make a plate system that is easy enough to ride for amateurs to enjoy effortless carving and fast enough for World cup racers to win races.

Made from space-grade aluminium, the plate is designed to be lightweight (1780g) and torsionally soft, allowing better control during quick turns. Innovative middle composite leaf springs and unique hinges connect the plate and the board, while still allowing the board to flex freely, maximizing the efficiency of each turn. With a 13 mm height, the plate
offers a more direct feel of the board. By gradually limiting the board’s bending, the plate reduces the maximum forces experienced by the rider during chatter.

Definitely the most versatile plate in Sinline lineup, suitable for beginners or pro-riders. It works well in both disciplines GS and slalom.

Technical Data

WIDE/AGS version

Recommended rider weight:

Soft: 70kg or less

Medium: 70-85kg

Hard: 85kg or more

NARROW/ASL version

Recommended rider weight:

Soft: 60kg or less

Medium: 60-75kg

Hard: 75kg or more

New hinge mechanisms

New updated hinge mechanism allowed us to finely tune the moment transfer from the mechanism to the board in different stages of the turn. The New mechanism gives better stability at high speeds, bringing the plate performance to another level. New hinges are also compatible with all the older plates

Torsion bar

By adding torsion bar to the plate you can make the plate torsionally harder, providing  more grip, while at the same time demanding more powerful riding. Now comes with every plate in the box.

Additional Information:

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