Sinline Original Plate

When developing this plate the goal was to make a plate system that is easy enough to ride for amateurs to enjoy effortless carving and fast enough for World cup racers to win races.

Made from space-grade aluminum, the plate is designed to be light (1780g) and torsionally soft, allowing for better carve control in quick turns. Innovative middle composite leaf springs and unique cylinder excenter hinges connect the plate and the board, while still allowing the board to flex freely for maximum efficiency of a turn. 

With 13mm height plate offers a more direct feeling of the board. Because the plate progressively blocks the board from further bending, the maximal forces experienced by the rider during chatter are smaller. 

The Sinline Original plate can win Word cup GS races, but its intuitive feel and high maneuverability make it also perfect for Slalom racing or free carving.

The modular design allowed for fast prototype testing and after 3-years and 100+ prototypes tested, the Sinline original finally reached the world cup podium. In the 2020/21 world cup season, Slovenian rider Žan Košir, placed 3-times on the WCup podium with this plate.

Technical Data

  *Carving mechanism:

Suitable for free carvers who like to make longer turns. The carving hinge makes the plate feel softer with more edge grip, but there is not so much kick out of the turn and the plate prefers longer turns.

  *Racing mechanism:

Suitable for professional racers and also free carvers who like fast turns and more kick out of the turn.

WIDE/AGS version

Recommended rider weight:

Soft: 70kg or less

Medium: 70-85kg

Hard: 85kg or more

AGS & ASL plate pattern

NARROW/ASL version

Recommended rider weight:

Soft: 60kg or less

Medium: 60-75kg

Hard: 75kg or more

Additional Information:

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